Day 13, Gipsy King Tour

Huntington, NY - The Paramount

September 25, 2018


This, I have to say, was one of the busiest days yet on the tour. There was a lot of travel, a music video made, an amazing concert in the evening and of course partying with friends at one bar and closing another.  SO...I (Lisa), will do my best to recap the entire day.

We departed early in the morning from my parents house on a New Jersey Transit train and made our way to the Big Apple where we met up with the film crew for a very impromptu video shoot of our show at the Paramount in Huntington New York.

We stopped at Grand Central Station to meet up with our cameraman, Jordan Rennert, headed outside, got picked up by our manager Jonathan McHugh and drove through the crazy streets of NY zig zagging our way on to Huntington on Long Island for a performance that evening. I was under the impression that we were just going to video our performance that evening, that Jordan just happened to be in town and we only had him for a few hours but I was wrong. Jonathan and Jordan began talking about getting some b-roll footage for the music video (For those of you who don’t know what ‘B-roll’ is, it is supplemental footage inserted as a cutaway to help tell the story. B-roll includes the shots that are shown to introduce a segment and/or in between the live or taped interviews). When I heard the words ‘music video’ I started questioning them.  They clarified my confusion with the fact that we might as well get as much footage as we can while Jordan was with us. Well, needless to say, we quickly decided that we were going to make a music video for our song Slow Down, which by the way has been getting consistently the most positive feedback with our audiences.

It was a long car ride so we decided to pass the time and entertain our driver and videographer with our own version of car Karaoke.

So when the decision was made to make a music video, I protested from the back seat of the car saying that I didn’t even have any makeup on and that I needed to freshen up before we started shooting. (I mean, really!!! I wasn’t even wearing the right bra).  AND, on top of taking the next few hours to film outside in the rain with uncooperative hair, we needed to keep a close eye on the clock as I needed to make sure I had enough time before the performance that evening to completely redo my hair and make myself look spectacular for the portion of the video that we would film live on stage that evening.  

Screen Shot 2018-11-09 at 11.08.19 PM-ANIMATION.gif

We found a grey, rainy, but appealing beach to use as our background. Rich and I took to the sand singing our soon-to be-hit ‘Slow Down’ again and again to the mp3 of the song on our phone while Jordan and Jonathan shot and directed the scene.  You’ll have to STAY TUNED for those behind the scene music video shots in another blog post as we are still waiting to see them.


Let me start by saying that Wayne Herrschaft is an amazing photographer. Along with making quite a name for himself photographing some of the most famous entertainers, he is also The Paramounts house photographer, known for his incredible photomontages like the one he created of us here. Find out more about Wayne


The Paramount in Huntington was quite different from all the other theaters we played.  It was more like a huge rock club with a bar on each side of the interior of the theater. (We’re using this photo as reference...this isn’t us on stage but you get the idea)

The great thing about making a music video at this theater is that they allowed our camera man to come up on stage and shoot us at different angles all over the stage.  I am sure that none of the other theaters would have allowed this. Jordan darted back and forth, getting shots from the side, behind us, it would have made anyone feel like a rock star.  

After the show we met up with a few friends who I went to college with.  There was an amazing bar down below the theater called The Founders Room and it was quite a trip.  There were several rooms that each had their own crazy theme. Check out this video where we tour the bar.  

Crew _ GKs band members out at a bar after show.jpg

Michelle_Bassist_Thomas and GKBand

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Somewhere on the road with the Gipsy Kings after Hunntington NY: Rich breaks the bus bunk snuggle rules! everyone had a few too many drinks. I would like to say that we all stumbled home but we only had to stumble a few hundred feet to stumble onto the tour bus. Rich, me and the stage crew got onto our bus and we said goodbye to The Gipsy King who climbed into the bus behind us. My bed was comfortable and I was looking forward to a good night's sleep. The bus was set to leave at 2am and it was already 2:20am so we all got ready to depart to our bunks. Well, all but Richard. He was a bit buzzed so I filmed him as he was trying to get into my bunk with me.  

SWEET DREAMS!! See you all when we get to Bethesda, MD.

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