Day 11 & 12 Gipsy King Tour

Newark, NJ – The New Jersey Performing Arts Center

September 23rd, 2018

Exploring the NJPAC theater before the crowds come in

This morning we woke up early, grabbed a cup of coffee, jumped in the car with Jonathan McHugh and Captain Adam and headed over to the marina to share in a day of sailing. We were pleasantly surprised by the meeting of our friend Gary Krantz who we haven’t seen since back in our NYC days. It was quite a reunion. It turns out that Jonathan and Gary have been friends for years and recently found out about the connection with us.  Small world!

We sailed on Adam Freidlander’s beautiful brand new 40 foot sailboat with state of the art power winches, auto pilot, a navigation station with high tech computers and more. We spent the morning sailing on Long Island Sound and the weather couldn’t have been more perfect for sailing. What a way to start the day. Thank you Adam!

After sailing Gary drove us all to Newark where we arrived at the beautiful and amazing New Jersey Performing Arts Center (NJPAC). We checked into our dressing room, watched football, had lunch in the dining room, and headed off to sound check. This venue is a very classy performing arts centers. Absolutely beautiful and artistically contemporary with great acoustics. We had a great soundcheck, set up the merch table in the lobby and headed backstage to relax and have dinner with friends.

Behind the curtain sneak's going to be a full house!

IT SHOWTIME! We made ourselves look beautiful and waited backstage for the lights to go down and on we went. Once again, we played with intensity and rocked the house. I was excited that my parents were in the audience and were able to experience our show. It’s been a while since they’ve seen us perform. Needless to say, they loved every minute of it.

After every performance so far, it’s been pretty consistent that we run out to the merchandise table as quickly as we can as there is a 15 minute intermission between our show and The Gipsy Kings. Tonight when we got there we were greeted by Rich’s high school friends, John Haines and Karen Wassell along with our old friend from our NYC days, Christine Procida.

Rich and Chris Procida

Rich and Chris Procida

John Haines, Rich and Karen Wassell

John Haines, Rich and Karen Wassell

Photos of some of our excellent fans and family

When the Gipsy Kings took the stage we went backstage to pack up our stuff and relaxed. After the show, Lisa’s parents were waiting for us in the lobby. We sent them off to a restaurant to order some food while we continued to meet fans, take photos and sign lot’s of CD’s and albums. The lobby was totally ROCKING!!! They had hired a DJ to play as people exited. They played the dance version of Bambaleo and bodies took to every inch of the floor screaming, laughing and gyrating to the beat. Most theaters usher people out pretty quickly but NJPAC encouraged people to stay and party! It was a totally rocking theater all the way around.

Lisa’s mom and dad

Lisa’s mom and dad

After packing up our merchandise, we pushed through the dancing crowds across the lobby to the restaurant where we had a late night dinner with Lisa’s parents. Afterwards we drove back to their house where we spent the night in a nice, big, warm, comfortable bed. Another great amazing day on tour!

Lisa’s Parent’s home.

September 23rd, 2018

We got to my parents house late last night from our performance at the New Jersey Performance Art Center. WOW...we’ll have amazing memories from that theater. Next to the Montreal Symphony house it was our favorite… so far. Way to go New Jersey!

The next morning was met with the aroma of hot coffee and toast...and let me tell you my mother makes one strong cup of coffee. I took a tour around the house and the porch as I hadn’t been home in about a year. On top of being an amazing artist, my mother grows the most beautiful plants and flowers. I didn’t get a chance to get to the vegetable garden but you can see how beautiful the house is that I grew up in. I miss being home.


We had dinner that evening at my brother Scott’s house. Michelle cooked an amazing meal and we were so excited that our nephew, Spencer was around. They are coming to the concert at The Beacon Theater in NYC in a few days, so it was a quick dinner and back to my parent's house for a GREAT night’s sleep and in the morning we are off to Huntington NY to Play at ANOTHER Paramount Theater.

Our present NE Winter Tour Schedule.

We will keep you posted on additional dates!

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