Day 10, Gipsy King Tour

Paramount Hudson Valley, Peekskill New York

After a long bus ride that departed at 2am, we arrived in Peekskill, New York at 9 am. and found where catering had breakfast ready for us. The Paramount is a beautiful old theater in the heart of historic old Peekskill center. It was small and quaint but had no dressing rooms so we used the bus as home base. No problem:-)

I had a great time exploring some great clothing stores, while Rich found some quaint pubs, of course. I couldn’t get out of a fabulous artisan boutique, QuirkShop, where I found a beautiful coat that I am planning on having resized...stay tuned for that but here are some photos of the jacket.

We walked around this idyllic upstate New York town on a beautiful late summer day.. There was a farmer’s market and lots of cute shops and cafes. It was so nice to see a thriving small town with small businesses thriving and no big multinational corporations destroying the character and lifeblood of the community.

We found our way down the hill to the banks of the Hudson River. Again the historic waterfront of Peekskill was charming with its paths, parks, shops, and cafes. We found an interesting curiosity shop with all kinds of old collectibles and odd things from a long time ago. 


Wow! More than any lighting store we have ever seen, Early Electrics has a broad, unique and curious collection of antiques that was fascinating to poke around in!

Having lunch in Peekskill

Having lunch in Peekskill

The old train station is still functioning and trains were coming and going all afternoon. We walked through parks along the river and made our way to a nice outdoor cafe and had lunch. It was beautiful and delicious!

We took our time walking back up the hill towards the town center and made our way back to the theater and did our soundcheck. By then it was time for dinner and the caterers set up a beautiful dinner in the historic building next door to the theater. After dinner we went back to the front of the theater and set up the merchandise table in the lobby, which we do every night. Then we went to the bus and got ready for our show. 


Our friend Patti Hupp showed up early and helped me with an issue I was having with my outfit for the evening. We ended up switching pants so I had a darker pair of pants to match the shiny sequin top I bought that afternoon, needless to say, I LOOKED SMASHING (Thanks Patti). We hung out in the bus with the awesome crew we share it with. It is a fun bunch of people! Patti’s husband, Kevin, showed up and it was showtime. 

We are loving all the venues on this tour. We really are lucky we get to play in such beautiful places with such incredible stages, sound, and lights. WE ARE IN HEAVEN! Rich has actually started wearing a suit and tie to perform in because the theaters are at such a high level he feels he needs to dress accordingly which means that I have to up my game too. He sweats WAY more than me though.

After our performance we have 90 mins to pack up and do whatever we want while the Gipsy Kings are playing so we usually run out into the town for a quick drink. When the Gipsy Kings are doing their encore songs, which are Bamboleo and Valare, we run our asses off back to the merchandise table to greet everyone coming out of the theater.

We love hanging out with the patrons after the show! We are making so many new friends and fans on this tour. The Gipsy Kings fans are wonderful music fans. They really seem to love musicians playing their hearts out, which is what we do. Rich’s hat is quite recognizable so he is quickly approached by many people after the show in the lobby. I usually man the merchandise table while he attracts fans over to us. 

After the crowds left and the theater emptied out we packed up our stuff, put the merchandise back on the bus, grabbed a small overnight bag and met up with Kevin and Patti for a bite to eat at a local late night pub. We had a great time with our dear friends and loved having the chance to catch up on life. Finally we said our goodbyes and took an Uber to Stamford, Connecticut where we were to meet our manager, Jonathan McHue for a sailboat ride the next day. It was a long drive late at night but we arrived safely at our hotel at 2:00 in the morning, crawled into bed and had a good night sleep.


If you're in the Midwest or Northeast USA in September we would love for you to join us at one of the many venues we'll be performing in. Below we have listed the tour dates.  

PARK88 Tour with The Gipsy Kings

9/22 – Peekskill, NY – Paramount Hudson Valley

9/23 – Newark, NJ – The New Jersey Performing Arts Center

9/25 – Huntington, NY – The Paramount

9/27 – North Bethesda, MD – Music Center at Strathmore

9/28 – New York, NY – Beacon Theatre

9/29 – New York, NY – Sidewalk Cafe (PARK88 show!)

9/30 – Medford, MA – Chevalier Theatre


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