Day 6, Gipsy King Tour

Maison Symphonique at Place Des Arts, Montreal

PARK88 the opening show for the Gipsy Kings Tour

Monday was an interesting day. The bus pulled into Montreal the day before and we had a wonderful night off in this fantastic city. We woke up at our beautiful hotel and had a relaxing morning because we had a 2:00 PM check out, which was awesome. Check out some of the shower fun we had. NO, really folks, it’s totally G rated. Sorry!

We had a nice breakfast in the Café in the hotel (chocolate croissants) and then I went and worked out in the fitness center and Lisa was in the room doing yoga and working on the computer.

We got our bags and we walked a short 10 minute walk to the symphony hall of Montreal. This ultra modern Symphony Hall in the middle of the 2nd largest city in Canada was a sight to be seen. At first we got lost finding the artists entrance and once we found that we were let into the back of the building. We would have been lost in the maze of hallways stairwells and elevators but the people who work there took great care of us and  led us to the gigantic choir dressing room which we had all to ourselves. At lunch the caterers did a fantastic job with lunch and provided such great service.

We settled into our dressing room and worked on our computers for a little while and ate lunch. Then we set up our merchandise table in the lobby. I walked five blocks to the tour buses and got our T-shirt’s, records, and CD’s. We set up our table just in time for our sound check.

After sound check we had a wonderful dinner and went back to dressing room and got dressed for our show. I went down and set up two cameras, one in the balcony behind us and one by the sound man. I turned them on to record and found out quickly that all the fires leading backstage had been locked when the audience was let into the theater. I ran around trying to find an open door and finally just walked through the audience, up to the stage, and up the stairs to the stage and walked backstage. I was a little out of breath. Lisa was waiting for me with the stage manager of the theater.  He helped me tape my earbuds to my shirt. I was wearing a suit and tie because it was such a nice theater. We got it taped onto my dress shirt and we were led to the other side of the stage and waited for the lights to go down.

We walked out to the sound of loud applause and we started our show. Lisa introduced us and I began playing What We Got and the audience was with us from the first notes. We finished to loud applause and I went to start the next track but my earbuds had fallen down my shirt. I was dripping in sweat already and panicking trying to get the earbuds back in place and get the next song started. I did and we went on with the show.

We played an intense set with intensity and precision.

After our set we took out bows. The audience was wonderful and we got a handful of standing ovations, which for a support act is great. Then we went to the merchandise table and did a “meet and greet” with the audience. It was great and there was a lot of positive energy. We got a lot of compliments on our performance and our presence.

When the Gipsy King’s show started we went to our dressing room and packed up. Then we headed to a bar across the street and had snacks and drinks until they were done. Then we went back to the merchandise table for the crowds at the end of the show. Again we had great conversations and made new friends and fans.

While we were waiting for the van to take us from symphony hall to our bus we saw this amazing mural/graffiti art behind the theater. We immediately fell in love with its’ powerful beauty and message. Lisa jumped up and started rocking out in front of it so I took as many photos as I could before our driver called out to us that it was time for him to take us to our bus.

We loaded our stuff back onto the bus and hung out in the bus for a little while. Then we went out to get some fresh air and went to a little bar around the corner and hung out there until 3 o’clock in the morning. Then back on the bus and into bed at 3:30 in the morning. Another great day on tour!



If you're in the Midwest or Northeast USA in September we would love for you to join us at one of the many venues we'll be performing in. Below we have listed the tour dates.  

PARK88 Tour with The Gipsy Kings

9/18 – Montreal, QC – Place des Arts

9/20 – Kitchener, ON – Centre in the Square

9/22 – Peekskill, NY – Paramount Hudson Valley

9/23 – Newark, NJ – The New Jersey Performing Arts Center

9/25 – Huntington, NY – The Paramount

9/27 – North Bethesda, MD – Music Center at Strathmore

9/28 – New York, NY – Beacon Theatre

9/29 – New York, NY – Sidewalk Cafe (PARK88 show!)

9/30 – Medford, MA – Chevalier Theatre


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